Team-building during COVID-19 with the help of Engagelyee

The outbreak of the coronavirus has led to multiple changes for people, both personally and professionally. The pandemic has allowed people to discover the new normal. All workspaces have shifted their base from office to homes and work from home isn’t a ‘new thing’ now.

The office management staff understands that working remotely, with almost no interaction with teammates could be a barrier between employee communication and could hamper the overall functioning of the entire office.

Team-building is one of the most important factors that the management needs to ensure during COVID times. The unique situation where all of us are stuck in now can add complexity to remote work along with other distractions.

To support employees and to ensure team-building spirit, human resources can use Engagelyee to :

Organize zoom call chit-chat meetings 

Office zoom call meetings happen regularly and on a day-to-day basis, but it does not bring out the actual team spirit among employees. Employees will only be comfortable with each other if they get to know about each other and each other’s daily routines. A video-enabled meeting creates a sense of community and gives teams much needed face-to-face time. So, having a collective meeting which is not work-related is one of the best ways to collectively bring all employees together and encourage team spirit.

Encourage employees to help each other

The abrupt shift to virtual work leaves many employees asking for extra help. Not everyone has the same skills or expertise to adapt to the new normal.

Encouraging employees to help each other in assisting with their professional development is one of the best steps the management can take towards the team-building bridge.

Creating team-building activities 

One of the best ways to connect employees who are remotely working is through fun activities. Management can organize events once a month or occasionally, depending on the work pressure and can divide the employees into groups.

In this way, employees from one department can get to know employees from several other departments better and can form a good connection with one another.

Sending weekly or monthly updates to employees 

Employees will only be keen to work and will give their 100% to work when they’re aware of what’s going in the organization. Constantly updating the team with the latest happenings of the organization can help gain the trust of the employees and build a sense of team spirit.

Why are employee engagement and advocacy programs important for team-building? 

Most employees focus on their part of the work and might not necessarily have insights into what new products the organization are rolling out or how their views and opinions are being portrayed as a thought leader.

Through employee engagement and advocacy programs, employees get an opportunity to engage with the content and understand facets of the company they might otherwise be able to know.

Employees have more knowledge about the ‘going-on’s’ of the business, feel more connected to each other and to their business as well as are more engaged at work.

Engagement and advocacy programs also:

  • connects employees with the culture of the company
  • trains and inspires employees of the company
  • helps in creating new positions and career opportunities
  • promotes company growth

How can Engagelyee’s employee advocacy tool help in team building? 

The objective of Engagelyee has always been to connect organizations and employees as well as amplify the brand message and create a personal brand for employees. The tool is a hub for all the employees to get the latest updates about the organization or similar work sectors.

Engagelyee offers multiple features to the users, which in turn can result in a great way to bind the employees together during the pandemic. It focuses on brand storytelling and campaign promotion by adapting the ’employee first’ approach and let their creativity bloom in the corporate world. It helps in team-building in certain ways:

  • Creating an effective way to communicate with employees and customers/prospects
  • Enables employees and management to build a mutually benefited relationship with each other
  • It gives a platform to employees to depict and talk about their views and opinions about matters and is open for discussions
  • Employees get to know each other better through the posts they share on the platform
  • Improves overall company culture and retention
  • Builds transparency at each hierarchical level of the organization, making teams from each department know some parts of each other’s work
  • Employees get a chance to win prizes and rewards determined by the management team
  • Employees work in different teams, which gives them a chance to interact and know people from different departments

With the right approach and Engagelyee tools, organizations can engage their employees, instil their confidence in the business and build up the team-building spirit.


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