Creating a Positive Workplace Culture With Employee Engagement

The modern workplace is more than just a workplace. For millennials, it’s a place where they can connect, share knowledge, and grow. 

It’s not just because of flexible timings, nap rooms, and foosball tables that every new-age workplace seems to have. It’s because of the culture at the workplace that is now increasingly important.

 A growing chunk of the young workforce puts purpose, flexibility, an opportunity for personal development, and transparency over monetary compensation while considering an employer. As per a 2015 Deloitte report, 2 out of 3 millennials value purpose for choosing a workplace.  

Organizations thrive when workplaces reflect what employees are passionate about. An employee advocacy program is a platform for employees to share their passions and foster a lively work culture in the process. 

Here are some ways in which employee advocacy can play an essential role in establishing a positive workplace culture:

A chance to tell your brand story through employees

 1. A chance to tell your brand story through employees:

Though we have always loved storytelling as a species, social media has added a whole new dimension. Brand stories are being increasingly being driven by people rather than static messages and the stories behind those people are what we connect with. 

Sharing employee stories on your advocacy platform is a great way to drive conversations within the organization; it is a point of pride for employees to be recognized on company channels for their achievements. This also works well to attract new hires. When you put a face to a title, prospective hires get a better sense of the work culture they are curious to be a part of. 

Stakeholders are better informed about the milestone achievements

 2. Stakeholders are better informed about the milestone achievements of the company:

With an employee advocacy program, it is easier to talk about collective achievements and keep employees motivated. Employees will also be inclined to share achievements in which they played a part. As a result, extended networks of employees are also introduced to positive facets of your organization. 

Helps create a community in your company

 3. Helps create a community in your company:

Your organization might be driven by a purpose, but you are not going to get far without conveying it to employees through an engaging channel. 

 In a connected world, social connections serve a much broader function — they are now essential to professional success. An employee advocacy program encourages interaction among peers and helps a tight-knit community in your organization. This community with shared connections is indispensable to the success of an organization.

4. Recognition for thought leaders

 4. Recognition for thought leaders:

An employee advocacy program can be an excellent catalyst for thought leadership in your organization. It can help drive thoughtful conversations about relevant topics and enable thought leaders to share their insights and observations. Such recognition can be a great motivator for employees to share their insights.

5. Strengthen your internal network

 5. Strengthen your internal network:

Along with opportunities for promoting branded content, an employee advocacy platform provides an avenue for employees to create original content and connect with peers. With Engagelyee, employees can share text, images, and videos on Connect Hub. This functionality allows creating a robust internal network with employees sharing thoughts on their area of expertise.   

Given all these benefits, one can see how an employee advocacy platform is essential to creating a connected, engaged, and positive work culture. 

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