How employee advocacy is the best solution with ongoing marketing budget cuts?

Every business sector and industry needs constant up-gradation to the changing environment. Revamping and reforming business models is a part of a successful business strategy and saves businesses from getting stale.

The entire world is fighting a pandemic right now, and it’s not a hidden fact that multiple businesses (be it large or small-scale) are suffering in some way or the other. In an uncalled crisis like this, organizations need to come up with the right crisis management strategies, which can reduce the effect of the crisis on the working environment, are cost-effective, and bring the maximum amount of profit that flows into the business.

Each organization and industry are acquiring different coping mechanisms as per the requirements. Companies are looking for the best possible ways to ensure the largest amounts of profit at minimum expenditure. 


Why employee advocacy, and how can Engagelyee help in the times of crisis?

The concept of employee advocacy has existed in society in various shapes and forms for many years now. Ever since the internet and social media have become critical priorities in people’s lives, it has completely revolutionized advocacy programs. 

Employee advocacy campaigns focus on expanding and incorporating the best practices to elevate steadiness between brands, influencers & audience, and establishing a strong corporate voice through employees, without spending much. 

Engagelyee, as a platform, discovers an employee’s true potential and delivers the product to the audience in the most transparent and trustworthy method. Engagelyee has a multidimensional approach, where it not only focuses on the audience but also taps each parameter involved in enhancing the process for employees. It focuses on brand storytelling and campaign promotion by adapting the ’employee first’ approach and let their creativity bloom in the corporate world. 

Enagagelyee enables employees and organizations to develop a mutually beneficial relationship with each other. Especially in times like these, Engagelyee acts as a catalyst in expanding business without the organization having to spend a lot of money. Engagelyee promises deeper insights on campaigns and centralizes brand image by sharing and monitoring the employee posts. The connecting hub within the ecosystem accelerates the business goals and enhances the customer experience.

In such unprecedented times, employees can act as a saving grace to the organization. That’s why implementing employee advocacy programs is valuable. 

How employee advocacy can help brands generate leads faster than advertising during the quarantine:

These days safety and hygiene are the two key aspects that the consumers look for in brands. With so much going on, they’re quite sceptical of whom to trust. Attaining consumer and client trust is quite tricky, and may hamper the organic reach of the brands. Consumers and clients look for trusted sources to collaborate. Employee advocacy is the key to achieve organic reach and leads as it allows brands to build trust in the market in the most effective way. 

Word-of-mouth through employees leverages the relationships between people who already know each other and brings in more business to the organization. Employee word-of-mouth plays a substantial role in online marketing. It is more sincere and trustworthy, in comparison to advertising and paid content by marketers. The power of employee spoken word is much credible and represents a huge potential to reach a new audience and businesses. This practice of employee engagement or employee advocacy changes the overall sentiment of the organization, boosting up the working ambience for employees.

How H.R. executives can leverage employee’s social presence:

Within an organization, employees represent influencers. If engaged in marketing, their impact is broader and more significant than any influencer. H.R. executives can incorporate employee advocacy programs and help the organization grow through an employee’s social media presence. Various advantages associated with employee advocacy are: 

  • Employees have the potential to reach more audiences than their company’s social media pages combined as well as known influencers. Employees are also active on multiple social media platforms, where the company might not have access. 
  • Employees have a close-knit circle on their social media platforms. So, the level of engagement with the content is higher than any other form of marketing and is authentic and genuine. 
  • Employee’s social media presence also benefits prospective employees. One reason why H.R. approves of this program is that positive workplace stories and positive experiences by employees can attract the right talent in the organization and simplifies the recruitment process. 

 How to measure RoI using Engagelyee during budget cuts:

Whenever there’s an emergency or crisis in an organization, the first step is always to cut extra costs. Amidst the pandemic, organizations are opting for budget cuts to safeguard themselves from any financial trouble in the future. They’re also looking for budget-friendly ways to accelerate the business. 

Most organizations have shifted to employee advocacy programs because advertisements need high investment and are expensive. Employee advocacy can do the same job at lower costs. Engagelyee selects suitable candidates with a significant social media presence. This way, they can reach the target audience faster than paid ads. As the platform encourages employees to curate, collaborate, and customize the content, converting them into storytellers, it supports organizations to spread across reach and create a powerful brand image. Engagelyee makes calculating RoI easier as the amount the organization is investing is the salaries of the employees, and whatever comes back to the organization becomes the profit. 

Budget cuts are not easy, but if done the right way, it will be beneficial for the organization. Regardless of the industry or sector of the organization, employee advocacy plays a vital role. It creates a smooth workflow pattern for employees as well as organizations, especially in tough times.


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