7 Features Your Employee Advocacy Platform Must Have

If you have used multiple mobile apps for the same task, you might have realized how some apps are more effective than others solely because of the features they integrate and the way they are designed. The final user experience can be vastly superior on a well thought out app.

This only underlines the fact that not all technology services are created alike. Some are better designed than others to help you reach your objectives. An employee advocacy platform is no different.

A handful of features can come in quite handy to do more with your employee advocacy tool and effectively run an employee advocacy program. Here’s a look at some of them:

Mobile capabilities: Mobile capabilities

This one is a no-brainer as everything from ordering food to video consumption has shifted to mobile screens. A mobile app enables employees to consume and share content even as they are in the midst of a commute or looking for a way to be productive while waiting in a queue.

Space for original content:

Original content is what helps employees share knowledge, engage with each other and ultimately emerge as thought leaders. And this content doesn’t have to be dull and plain; it’s better if it is spontaneous, personal and opinionated. With original content, employees can touch on a variety of different topics, including professional lessons and personal reflections. Space for original content

With the Connect Hub tab on Engagelyee, employees can create and share original content in a number of different categories, including case study, culture, marketing, rewards and recognition, etc. In large organizations, such content with personal insight allows employees to engage and subsequently build social relationships.

Targeted campaigns:

Along with continuous knowledge sharing, an employee advocacy platform should also ideally have the ability to Targeted campaignspromote branded content in a time-bound manner for product launches, annual events, etc.

The campaign tool on Engagelyee allows the admin to create campaigns for Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Employees for campaigns can be selected as per departments, social connection sizes, designation, location, etc.

Smart analytics:

The analytics dashboard on an employee advocacy platform is the nerve-center of its operations. This is where one can see how well certain content pieces are driving engagement and if advocacy campaigns are meeting intended objectives.Smart analytics

A well-designed dashboard should give the program manager a glimpse of all the key metrics at a single glance. On the admin dashboard, Engagelyee provides access to reach and engagement of posts along with their earned media value and lifetime value.

Content curationContent curation:

Content lies at the heart of an employee advocacy program and content curation remains a key challenge for employee advocacy program managers to retain high engagement. The availability of insightful content on the platform drives engagement and ultimately the success of the program.

Admin control:Admin control

The admin control panel allows greater control over the content that’s shared on the platform along with the ability to create campaigns for specific goals. A platform should also ideally allow you to customize the look and feel to effectively extend your brand identity.


To get the program rolling at your organization, gamification has an important role to play. A leaderboard that recognizes high engagement along with rewards can go a long way to ensure engagement. However, this shouldn’t become the focus as organic engagement will be key to ensuring engagement in the long run.

With a tool that integrates all these key features, you don’t have to look beyond Engagelyee to execute your employee advocacy program. Get started with a free demo today!

Engagelyee for Employee Advocacy

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