Employee advocacy is a must for Human Resource Management. Here’s why

“We have been able to successfully deploy and leverage Engagelyee and it has been great to work with the team in helping us achieve our specific objectives around Employee Advocacy,”
Rahul Wadhawan – Director, Digital Marketing- Oppo Mobiles India.

Systematic planning is a continuous process for a human resource department to achieve optimum use of their organization’s most valuable asset – their employees. It’s the key reason why the strategies of an H.R. executive sometimes act as a gateway between employee’s and organizations’ interests. This is why Engagelyee understands the importance of your employee’s internal communication and its dependence on making Human Resource Management (HRM) more effective.

Why is employee advocacy meant for your organization’s H.R. department? 

The importance of employee advocacy in an organization’s human resource department is an important step towards a change. Not only employee advocacy solutions can help H.R. departments in recruiting new employees, but it also helps them to nurture and enhance their day-to-day communication process. It’s because the more engaged staff means increased productivity and higher company morale.

Here are some simple crucial factors that shows why every human resource department should adapt employee advocacy programs in their organization.


The advocacy programs can help any large scale organization to create and sustain a compiling employee experience for their existing workforce. To have a better connection with your employees, you can share information like

  • Upcoming events in which my company participates 
  • Recently vacated job postings
  • Accomplishments news of your organization and individual employees 
  • Content related to any professions development
  • Case studies created by your brand
  • Propagate the recent CSR activities and philanthropy projects related to your company 
  • Company outings and sporting activities like cricket, table tennis tournaments
  • Information about your organization’s products 
  • Showcasing companies recent growth
  • Canteen discounts or food promotions
  • Promoting employee curated content among your workforce 
  • Industry-related content which you think is going to benefit your employees

Sharing useful content, news, & information makes your employees feel supportive and in the know.


Hiring top quality personnel for your organization is one of the top priorities of any H.R. executive. And, one of the best ways to hire is by looking into your existing employee’s network. Using advocacy solutions explicitly designed for employing needs, you can simply increase the likelihood of applicants applying through your employee’s networks.


Employees can discover content and news about the company on the platform directly from the brand’s social media pages/blogs, third-party publications, and social media pages in one social hub. This content is further shareable on Facebook, Twitter, and linked on the web along with WhatsApp.


Connect with your deskless workforce in any location and initiate the improvement with your employee experience. This will help your employees to move ahead of just opening emails and gives them a fresh outlook in this communication.


Having a positive work culture is one of the most crucial aspects of any employer. Using an employee advocacy program, the organization will have an influential, positive work culture with highly engaged employees.


Society for Human Resource Management estimates the “total cost” of replacing a departed employee at one-and-a-half to two times the worker’s yearly salary. With the help of Engagelyee’s employee advocacy, you can boost the revenue and cuts costs—such as “average cost-per-hire.”


Engagelyee’s employee advocacy solution will help you as an H.R. exec to involve more employees deeply into your organization, thus implying that you value them as an asset. This process will also help you with employee retention.


Your employees will be able to avail rewards offered by the organization, through points earned on the platform. Rewards may be in the form of discount coupons, products, experiences, and more. This will help you gamify your employee engagement strategy.


H.R.’s or company leadership can communicate with everyone on ground through content in multiple modalities like PDF documents, pictures, videos from your CEO, etc. This will also help you to execute daily communications effectively.   

Considering an employee advocacy solution for your organization is the first step towards harboring a positive environment and company culture. If the factors, as mentioned earlier, ignite your thought for considering an employee advocacy program for your organizations, then click here for your free demo today.  

Engagelyee for Employee Advocacy

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