Crafting A Content Strategy To Make Your Employee Advocacy Program A Success

Ankit is looking to bring onboard an online payroll management system for his organization. To get a sense of options in the market in this particular category, he starts off by searching for useful features in an online tool and comes across a related blog post by X Tech Solutions, a company with a payroll management tool. He comes across a lot of other useful information on the blog site, finds out more about the product by X Tech Solutions and the name is already on his mind when he has to shortlist a vendor.

This is just one instance of how content becomes the stepping stone to a particular brand in the digital sphere. Just within the last few years, the way consumers learn about new brands and engage with their favorite ones has seen quite a shift. This shift is especially important at a time when audiences are increasingly bombarded with advertisements and have resorted to tuning out of traditional means of publicity.

On the other hand, audiences now spend a great time online and are receptive to content that speaks to them. This is especially the case for digital natives. Therefore, digital content presents an opportunity to engage with a brand in a richer manner with information that adds value and gives context.

Creating content buckets for an employee advocacy program

With interesting content, you can educate your audience along with informing them of products and services. Your branded content can be in the form of a blog, social media post, article, report, video, interview, etc. However, creating a content calendar that works is an imprecise art and science. Before hitting ‘publish’ you ought to think if the piece of content is relevant, tailored and appealing to your audience.



Branded content can be suitably used on an employee advocacy platform to reach the social connections of employees who can also be prospective clients and customers. The challenge is to provide employees relevant engaging content that they would want to share with their social connections. In fact, content is the cornerstone of ensuring engagement and ultimately making the employee advocacy program a success.

Your content strategy should take into consideration the kind of audience you are reaching out to, the takeaway for your audience and the tone of conversations you would want to see.

Here are some content buckets that your employee advocacy program can fall under:

Keeping it fun with innovative content:

Not all of your content has to include case studies and industry reports. Keeping the overall tone of your content fun and engaging can go a long way. Content pieces on the platform can touch on the latest trends and integrate formats such as videos, memes, slideshows and GIFs.

Employee-generated content:

With this form of content, you can help your employees play an active role in the program. Encourage them to share their success stories along with personal insights to give a glimpse into the culture of your organization.

Content to enable knowledge sharing:

Encourage your employees to grow their knowledge base by sharing content pieces about industry trends and insights. This will keep them informed of the skills they need to succeed in the professional world.

Utilizing organizational content assets:

Content on the employee advocacy platform can even be used to make your employees familiar with the organization. This can include content about the company’s history, function, and milestones.

Along with this, do educate your employees about social media guidelines for your organization. Convey to them the best ways to curate content, comment and share views on social media. This is essential to turn your employees into capable brand ambassadors online.

As you can see, content is a key part of your employee advocacy program. The Social Hub and Learning Hub on Engagelyee feature content assets and thus double up as a knowledge repository for employees.

With curated content on Engagelyee, you can also help your employees grow and do better. Get started with your free demo today.

Engagelyee for Employee Advocacy

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