Engagelyee accelerates working landscape for employees.

New tools, technologies, and tactics pop up every day to enhance the online experience, which is continuously evolving. The influencer world is overflowing with an abundance of people wearing the influencer tag, creating a dilemma for the audience on how to segregate between the relevant and authentic influencers among the lot.

The changing dynamics of the digital forefront have also pushed brands to collaborate with the influencers to spread the maximum reach of the products and the services based on their popularity and the power of word of mouth.

While joining hands with influencers has turned out to be effective and has led to a pretty positive initiative. Still, the fact that a company’s employees are more trusted as compared to any influencer or even the brand itself, for that matter, cannot be ignored.


The power of employee spoken word is much credible for the audience who is consuming the content and represents a considerable potential to reach a new audience and businesses. This practice of employee engagement or employee advocacy changes the overall sentiment of the organization, boosting up the working ambiance for employees.

Enagagelyee is one stop for all employee advocacy solutions and enables employees and organizations to develop a mutually benefited relationship with each other. As the platform encourages employees to curate, collaborate, and customize the content, converting them into storytellers, it supports organizations to spread across reach and create a powerful brand image.

Engagelyee promises deeper insights on campaigns and centralizes brand image by sharing and monitoring the employee posts. The connecting hub within the ecosystem accelerates the business goals and enhances the customer experience.

Engagelyee unfolds the complexity attached to the perks involved in employee advocacy and upgrades the organizational environment through employee engagement for employees. The collaboration and advocacy tools provided by the platform innovatively engage employees in the business, creating a stronger employee-brand relationship.

It blurs out lack of communication among the employees at each level, streamlining the organizational structure and making a concentrated circle for all. Through this, the employee’s value proposition in the organization increases, and they become trusted employee brand advocates.

Employee advocacy tools allow organizations to openly show them that the organization is deeply invested in their personal and professional development. It lets employees develop a personal brand on social media platforms and position employee brand advocates as thought leaders.

It gives an equal opportunity to the employees to democratize creativity in a corporate set up. As employees will share the curated content on their social media platforms, it will not just increase the brand’s social media presence but also will benefit employees in creating their own identity among the masses.

Utmost creativity can be shown by the employees while uploading content, sharing, and editing. It helps in building various new connections as their expertise in the industry is showcased via posts and stories among industry peers. Doors to more opportunities will be opened in the future for the employees as many social media connections can also turn into future leads.

Engagelyee advocacy tools will steer the employees in the right direction as they’ll attain the proper understanding of the company’s mission. Regardless of the industry or sector of the brand or organization, employee advocacy plays a vital role in creating a smooth workflow pattern for employees. It proliferates employee career opportunities and helps them in excelling in every field.





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