Why Employee Advocacy


More profile views if employees posts on Social Media.


Customers trust product or services recommendations from connections.


Decision makers say they prefer to work with professional service providers who also know their colleagues, friends, or acquaintances.


Employees have more followers than their corporate social media accounts.


Content shared by employees more engagement than content shared by brand channels.


Brand messages are re-shared more frequently when distributed by your employees, versus your brand.


Consumers are more likely to buy from a company when they hear about it from someone they trust.


Leads developed through employee social marketing initiatives convert more frequently than other leads.


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About Us

About Us

Engagelyee is a blend of ‘Engage’ and ‘Employee’ acting as pillars of transformation and digital amplification. A SaaS based tailor made solution that drives engagement and incorporates a comprehensive social listening mechanism enabling organisations to create reliable conversations. We believe in creating influencers and custodians of brands in the era of ‘Digital Darwinism’. Co-creation and innovation are at the heart of Engagelyee and our investments in people and technology aim at revolutionizing how brands connect to customers.